Tour in Canaries

From Teide volcano to the ocean


8 Days (7 Nights)


18/11/18 To 25/11/18


100 km

Puerto de Cruz (Los Americas) – Ramyn Camping Area – Altavista Shelter – Teide Volcano (3718m) – Pico Viejo (3135m) – Cio Camping Area – Masca Gorge – Los Higantes – Santa Cruz de Tenerife

This is going to be a unique mountain hiking tour in the mountains of the Island of Tenerife – the main island of Canar. During the hike we will climb the volcano Teide, which is the highest peak of the whole Spain. The ocean, the volcano and the unique nature of the island will make this tour an unforgettable experience!

The Island of Tenerife is the largest and highest island in the archipelago of the Canary Islands. It differs in an amazing variety of natural landscapes, from the tropics to deserts. This is due to the influence of the huge volcano Teide (3718 m), which is in the middle of the island. With us you can visit the Island of Tenerife and climb the Teide volcano, which is the highest mountain of the Canary Islands archipelago and Spain. Along with that, we will find our way into the Masca gorge and, finally, will enjoy swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.

Discounts for the full advanced prepayment of the tour: 10% – 1 month before the starting point of the tour, as well as for those who will write a review about this tour.

Features of the route:

  1. Under the trekking route is meant overnight stops in the camping areas or hostels, since pitching tents on the island of Tenerife is only allowed in specially permitted places.
  2.  The applications for participation in the hiking tour should be submitted no later than 2 weeks before the beginning of the tour, since trekking requires the permission of the local authorities.
  3.  The route is not rich in water, that’s why we will carry the water supply for the whole day on our backs.

Place of Departure: Tenerife-South or Tenerife-North

Place of Arrival: Tenerife-South or Tenerife-North

Complexity: Medium

Day One: Arrival in Tenerife, Southern or Northern Airports.

Overnight in a hotel either in Puerto de Cruz or in Los Americas, it depends on which airport the participants will arrive to. The transfer between the airports takes 1 hour. We will have an opportunity to examine a new territory for us, get acquainted with the seacoast of Tenerife. The next day we are going to have a ride high in the mountains.

Day Two: Puerto de Cruz (Los Americas) - Parador (bus) - Camping Area Ramyn el Caminero (15 km, 5-7 hours)

In the morning, we will take a comfortable bus to the caldera of the volcano Teide. The bus will raise us to 2000 m., where marvelous and outlandish landscape pictures will appear, which cannot be forgotten. We will end up with Parador bus-station near the rocks de Garcia. The supernatural forms of these rocks will not leave anyone unfazed, the most famous rock is called the “God’s Finger”. On the left hand of us the formidable Teide volcano will be seen the whole day. The terrain, where our Trekking is laid, looks like a multicolored desert. We will be walking in the midst of the cacti of fancy shapes and sizes. The water on route will occur only once in a while, so the water supply for the entire day is going to be carried on our backs. We’ll have an overnight halt in the Ramyn camping area, where you can find drinking water, as well as in the other organized camping sites.

Day Three: Ramyn el Caminero Camping Area - Altavista Shelter (11 km, 6-9 hours, ascending to 1200m)

Today we are again moving on the desert-like volcanic ground, there are snow banks lying under the cactuses, the stones are having reddish and other strange unearthly tone colors. Landscape picture is analogous to the one on Mars. In the afternoon, we will begin climbing the slope of the volcano up to the shelter of Alta-Vista. The footpath is rising sharply, but despite the seriousness of the ascent, we still can admire the view on the ocean and the neighboring large islands. The second largest island Grand Canaria can be perfectly seen. Here is the shelter! Friendly atmosphere, water, cook-room and warmth!

Day Four: Teide's Ascent (3718m) - Pico Viejo (3135m) - Chio Camping Area (16 km, 7-10 hours, ascent 300 m, descending to 2100 m)

Today is a difficult day again. Morning walking out (4-5 hours) in order to see the sunrise, being on top of the volcano. Then we are climbing the rocks and snowfields, from time to time the rocks take fanciful, chimerical forms, then we are passing by the volcanic fumaroles, breathing in a warm and sulfur-smelling steam. The footpath is rising sharply, but at the same time it is well equipped. Oh, look! Here is the peak! And the limitless ocean is all around! We can take pictures and then begin our descent – we still have much more to walk. Incredible as it may seem but to our next planned peak, Pico Viejo, we are going to walk down, as far as Pico Viejo is located on the slope of Teide. Our overnight stay is going to be in the Chio camping area.

Day Five: Chio Camping Area - Arenas Negras Camping Area (10 km, 3-5 hours)

This time it’s an easy day, our way is running along a completely flat footpath, leading us through the amazing landscapes of volcanic origin, where sand and stones are absolute black. The opening views are resembling an alien landscape, in addition, we still have a few small craters to pass by. The reason why the rocks are black is that several small volcanoes erupted there, just a few decades ago. We can put up our tents for the night stop in the camping area.

Day Six: Arenas Negras Camping Area – Town of Santiago - Transfer to Los Pedregales Camping Area (10 km, 4-6 hours)

Today we are going down through the pine forests to the pretty town of Santiago. There you can buy something tasty in the stores and inexpensive cafes. Then we are moving by bus on a very interesting and for some people very scary road to the Los Pedregales camping area. The bus ride along the serpentine road over the abyss is more like flying on a plane and it is very impressive. The area around the camping site is very green and covered with lush tropical vegetation, that is strikingly different from the previous “desert-like” days.

Day Seven: Los Pedregales Camping Area - Transfer to the Masca Gorge - Mask's Descent - Boat to Los Gigantes - Overnight in a Hostel (10 km 5-8 hours)

Then by bus we are driving up to the Masca gorge and beginning our descent. Cliffed walls are very impressive, besides, there live learned ravens in the canyon, which can be hand-fed. After a few hours of our descent, we can hear the sound of the ocean waves, and here we are at the beach, leading to the Atlantic Ocean! We can swim and wait for a boat. After a lovely boat tour, we are landing in the picturesque town of Los Gigantes, where we are going to spend the night.

Day Eight: Los Gigantes - Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Departure or Continuation of Beach Recreation.

Today we are moving to the Northern or Southern airports and flying away to our homes or we can stay to continue our exploration of this beautiful island.



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Tour in Canaries: Teide volcano

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