10 Days (9 Nights)


20/06/18 To 29/06/18
29/07/18 To 07/08/18
20/08/18 To 29/08/18


80 km

Reykjavik – Hoskuldskali shelter – Alftavatn lake – Tosmork National Park – Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull glaciers – Skógafoss waterfall – Lagoon Glacier (or the Vestmannaeyjar Islands)


Iceland! Even the name of this fascinating country charms. The land of ice. But in the fact it is not only the ice – there are many rocks, colorful mountains and geysers there.
Landscapes resemble film shots from movies about other planets. And it is natural because this is really a new earth, recently appeared from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
Actually the island is the part of Mid-Atlantic Ridge of the ocean bottom. The land that emerges thanks to volcanic activity is surely enough unique.
Do not miss the opportunity to see all of this and walk through the land that have recently emerged on our planet, or the ocean bottom, appeared on the surface.

Place of Departure: Reykjavik


Place of Arrival: Reykjavik


Complexity: Medium


Additional costs: transfers on the route 80-150 euros (depending on selected excursions after hiking route). To save money you could try to hitchhike, which is very popular in Iceland. Along the route it is possible to spend the night in the camping 11 € per person or outside the camp which is  for free. Possible to stay overnight in the houses for 50 € per person, and additionaly 3 € per person for a shower. The campsite in Reykjavik costs 11 € per person for a night. There is  a thermal water park located next to the campsite just 4 euros per day for each person (entrance).

Day One: Arrival to Reykjavik

At this day participants meet each other in the capital of the Iceland – Reykjavik. Not far from the city center it is situated the camp site, where this meeting takes place. This day you could visit the thermal pool. Iceland is famous for hot springs.

Day Two: Move to Landmannalaugar

We go by the special bus, which  transfers us from the campinng to the tracking trail starting point. The Landmannalaugar national park is very beautiful and well known, thanks to huge amount of thermal springs and colorful mountains. And the colors of the mountains will make you crazy! It looks like someone creating this landscape by pouring out different inks on the ground.

The night we will spend in the valley with many geysers near bubbling springs. In the morning you can wash your hair and the whole body in the nearest spring, where the temperature is about 40 degrees.

Day Three: Trecking to the Hoskuldskali shelter (10 km way, 400 m ascent)

All this day we could observe a stunning view of the multicolored mountains. The spots of snow, different colorful lichens and single geysers we will meet throughout the trail.

Day Four: Alftavatn Lake (11km way, 500m descent)

This day we will go out to the plateau. The vegetation is mainly represented here by mosses. The road comes across the snows of previous year. Finally we will see a beautiful lake – this is Alftavatn. It takes quite a long time to go down to this lake, but we will be passing waterfalls and bizarre rock formations. At the end of the day we will stay on the banks of this picturesque lake at the campsite.

Day Five: Trekking through the volcanic desert to the campsite Botnari (16 km distance, elevation 350 m)

Our way goes through the volcanic desert, covered with stoned lava. The entire surface is covered with black pebbles and sand and on the horizon, one can see green mountains. In this desert grow solitary shrubs that add liveliness to this rough landscape. On the left side you can see huge glacier. We will have to cross it through, twice we will cross the cold river , this  will refresh our feet. We will cross the campsite and a powerful glacial river by the bridge. On a lovely cozy meadow, we will set our camp. Nearby this place is situated a large canyon.

Day Six: Tosmork National Park (16 km distance, descent 250 m)

Next we will change direction and move towards Atlantic Ocean. After a while we will enter the valley Tosmork. Landscapes here will be very different from those seen earlier. Extraordinary green mountains with glaciers on the peaks, vast space and the Atlantic Ocean on the horizon far ahead. Finally, we will see little trees – dwarf birch. Trees for Iceland are very rare. We will stay for a night near the camping in a small and very picturesque forest.

Day Seven: The glaciers Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull (17km, 700m ascent, 350m descent)

We will hike on steep and very scenic trail through the chimeric rock formations made by nature. On the left side we will see mighty glacier Mýrdalsjökull and on the right side Eyjafjallajökull glacier. Both glaciers occupied the whole horizon and look frightening and solemnly at the same time. Eyjafjallajökull – it is the sixth largest glacier in Iceland. This is the volcano which blocked the civil aviation flights in Europe in 2010. We have to go through the pass between this two glaciers, it will not be easy, but we’ll do it! 🙂 On the plateau we will plunge into the mystical atmosphere of unusual ice deserts and will see small black hills that have appeared here in 2010, this is a young volcanic cones. From the pass we can already see the mighty ocean. We begin to descend and will stop near the river Scogan

Day Eight: Skógafoss Falls - Vik village (9 km way, descent 630 m)

Today we will go through the Scogar river valley. Here we will find a lot of waterfalls. After a while, we will come to the most significant of them – the Skógafoss waterfall. The waterfall drops from the 60m cliffs and is framed by emerald-green slopes. It’s just an unforgettable sight! After we have admired the waterfall, we will continue our way. Next, we will go by bus to the Vik village. The village is located near the ocean and the beaches are covered with a black sand. We will set our tents right on the beach and the sound of the waves will create a pleasant atmosphere.

Day Nine: The glacial lagoon – Jokulsarlon or Vestmannaeyjar Islands.

In the morning we will go to the glacial lagoon. This is an amazing place. Here big glacier slips into the lake, combining two elements, the ice and the water. In the lagoon you can take trips on the boat, its surface is covered with chunks of ice. You could feel yourself like on the Titanic, sailing on a boat, maneuvering between little icebergs. We will stay for here right on the shore of the bay, in the evening we will have a chance to see some marine animals.

Alternatively you can visit the Vestmannaeyjar Islands. Here in 1973 the lava from an erupting volcano Eldfell was almost destroyed the whole town, but the lava was stopped by the water. Now the volcano is dormant and there is a thriving fishing village on these islands, surrounded by a beautiful volcanic nature. Here you can see a variety of seabirds and marine animals (a trip to the islands is much cheaper than a trip to the Ice Lagoon because it is much closer to Reykjavik).

Day Ten: way to Reykjavik

Today we come back to the capital of Iceland. Before leaving home, we will spend some time  in  the city and go to the airport.



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