Plateau Hardangervidda and Trolltunga

Tour in Norway


10 Days (9 Nights)


30/06/18 To 08/07/18
20/07/18 To 28/07/18
01/09/18 To 09/09/18


110 km

Oslo – Waterfall Vøringfossen – Lake Ovre Tyssevatnet – Lake Ringedalsvatnet – Trolltunga (Troll tongue) – Oslo’s Odda (or the moving to Bergen)

Again, great and mysterious Norway! This amazingly beautiful country is entirely covered by mountains and lakes. Through the mysterious and mighty mountains cut its way fjords and rivers, creating deep gorges.

This time we will be hiking in the Southern part of Norway, in the mountains of Hardangervidda. Among the many beauties of these mountains we will visit one of the world famous sightseeing attraction – Trolltunge. And so the mountains, glaciers and lakes of Norway are waiting for us. So let’s go ahead!

Place of Departure: Oslo

Place of Arrival: Bergen

Complexity: Medium +

Day One: Arrival In Oslo

We are meeting at the Central Station of Oslo (Oslo S) and go for about 30 minutes to the park, where we can pitch up the tents and have an overnight halt without any problems. In case of a late arrival or bad weather, we can overnight at the airport.

Day Two: The Waterfall Vøringfossen – The Valley Of The River Bjoreia (2-3 hours, 5 km)

In the morning we are going to the railway-station, where we meet those who arrived early in the morning. Next step, we get on the train Oslo-Bergen and go to a small town Geilo, and then we proceed to the stop Fossli kryss (the bus number 991, Geilo – Odda), (the moving is about 4 hours). The very railway Oslo-Bergen is an item of interest. The eye is surprised by the skillful engineering structures, and of course the unique nature of the North. Today we will see the waterfall Vøringfossen – one of the most beautiful and largest waterfalls in Norway. Its height is 183 meters and this is one of the fourth highest peaks in Norway. The waterfall is located on the river Bjoreia.

Day Three: The Valley Of The River Veig – The Hedlo Shelter (11 km, 5-7 hours)

We are walking on the mountainous tundra, heading South. Along our way we are going to pass a few quick and clear streams. Looking backward, you can always see the massive white dome on the horizon, it is just the place where our route started. This is the glacier Hardangerjokulen. Then we are stepping onto the picturesque valley of the river Veig. Not far from the Hedlo shelter and the river we are going to set up our camp.

Day Four: The Valley Of The River Veig(Olbogo) - The Hadlaskard Shelter (11 km, 5-7 hours)

We are starting from the valley of the river Veig and then in the area of the Hadlaskard shelter we are coming over to the other side of the river and heading West.  The landscape is turning into a rocky mountain wilderness. We will stop for an overnight halt near two picturesque lakes.

Day Five: Lake Nedsta Soltjørni – The Torehytten Shelter – The Mountain Pass (12 km, 5-7 hours)

On this day we are to be gladden by a lot of picturesque lakes. They are on both sides of our pathway. Here the lake Nedsta Soltjørni  is coming into sight where we are going to have dinner and enjoy the landscape scenes. After passing the shelter and going round the lake we are climbing the mountain pass and on our way down from it, we will stop for a night near the stream.

Day Six: The lake Øvsta Soltjørni - The Lake Nonsskorvatnet - (12 km, 5-7 hours)

The height of the surrounding mountains is rising up to 1500 meters, there are small glaciers and snowfields about this territory. The lake Nonsskorvatnet is very impressive, which has a beautiful turquoise color of the water. Having passed over this lake, we are to across a few lakes more and we are having a stop for the night by the side of the beautiful lake Tyssevatnet.

Day Seven: The Lake Tyssevatnet – The Troll Tongue (11 km, 5-7 hours)

On this day we are swinging to the South-West, and having passed a big piece of tundra and small, and medium-sized lakes, we are coming up to the big lake Tyssevatnet. Then we are passing through the Tyssevassbu  shelter, where you can recharge your electro gadgets). After the lunch we are coming down alongside of the bizarre rock formations to the turning point of our route – Trolltunge, we can take pictures in the evening after the crowds of tourists will leave the place. It is a unique geological formation on a global scale. After having taken dozens of photos, we are going to set up our camp and to return to the tongue in the evening for evening photos. The sunset in here is simpl Hardangerfjorden y unique in its beauty and richness.

Day Eight: The Troll - The Lake Ringedalsvatnet (7 km, 4-5 hours)

We will be able to take pictures in the morning just before the crowds of tourists come. Later on, we are walking high above the lake Ringedalsvatnet.  The mighty integumentary glacier Folgefon (Folgefonna)  can be observed ahead, it is placed on the other side of Hardangerfjorden, on which the city of Odda is located. Having our overnight stop by the lake Ringedalsvatnet.

Day Nine: The Descent To The Fjord Of The Town-district Of Tyssedal (7 km, 3-5 hours)

On this day we are going to go down to the lake at first and then to the fjord in the town of Tyssedal. The beautiful view of the fjord opens before our eyes.

The city of Odda is about 6 km far. Let’s have the overnight halt somewhere near the fjord. (10 km) It is possible to go to Bergen or Oslo on the same day, or to overnight in there.

Day Ten: We are leaving Odda or Tyssedal for the city of Bergen.

The eye is pleased by the unique picturesque location and beautiful architecture. On this day we are going to walk across Bergen and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of this city. Flying-off from Bergen to home or moving to Oslo.



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Plateau Hardangervidda and Trolltunga.


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