8 Days (7 Nights)


26/06/17 To 02/07/17


100 km

Maramarosh Sighet Borsha – Petrosul mt. (2303m) – Buhaesku Mare mt. (2268m) – Rebra mt. (2119m) – Kormaya mt. (2033m) – Laptele Mare mt. (2172m) – Gargalau mt. (2159m) – Omulyui mt. (2135m) – Ineu mt. (2279m) – Lala Mika Lake – Ineuc mt. (2222 m) – the valley of the Putrada river – the Cascade Kailor waterfall – Borscha – Maramarosh – Sighet

Romania is a mystical and mysterious country. Most territory of the country is situated in the Carpathians. For true lovers of the Carpathian Mountains, we offer an unforgettable trek to the highest massif of the Eastern Carpathians – the Rodna Alps. You will climb to Mount Petrosul (2303 m), visit the biggest waterfall – The Kailor Cascade, about 110 m high, visit the beautiful mountain lakes, feel unforgettable Romanian culture. Who loves the unique nature and beauty of the Carpathians – join us, this is for you!

Place of Departure: Ivano-Frankivsk(Sighetu-Marmatiei)

Place of Arrival: Ivano-Frankivsk(Sighetu-Marmatiei)

Complexity: Medium

Day One: Ivano-Frankivsk city - Maramorosh - Siget – Borsa

The group meets at the railway station of Ivano-Frankivsk at 8 o’clock in the morning. Therefore, the participants of the campaign are advised to arrive in Ivano-Frankivsk one day earlier, in order not to be late. Here we take the bus and get to Solotvyno, which is in Transcarpathia region of Ukraine. In Solotvyno, we cross the Ukrainian-Romanian border through a footbridge and get into the city of Maramarosh – Siget (Sighetu-Marmatiei). Here we will have first small walk to the local bus station, and at the same time a small tour in the city. We take the bus to the station of Borsa, from where our trek will begin.

Day Two: Borsa - lake in the circus near Petrosul mt. (9 km way, starting from 660 m, climbing up to 1160 m)

In the morning we begin the ascent to the Petrosula massif. We will pass through the forest belt and get to the vast alpine meadows. The next few days we will not go down to the level of the forest and will be on the main ridge of the massif all the time. In the distance, on the horizon, with good visibility conditions, we will observe the Chornohora Massif and Mount Hoverla – the highest peak of Ukraine. We will pass it and stop for the night near the lake Lieser at an altitude of about 1820 m.

Day Three: Petrosul mt. (2303m) - Buhaescu Mare mt. (2268m) – Rebra mt. (2119m) - Kormaya mt. (2033m) (8 km way, start: 1140 m, climb: 1160 m, height loss: 457 m, overnight at 1846 m)

This day we will climb to the highest mountain of Rodney mountain ridge – Petrosul, which is also the highest peak of the Eastern Carpathians. At the top of the mountain stands a small house of meteoservice. Here you can see an unforgettable view of the whole Rodna massif, the Marmaros Mountains, and in the distance you can disassemble the peaks of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Further through the saddle of Petrosul, we will rise to the mountain Buhaescu Mare, pass near the top of the Rebra mountain and go down for a bit to stay for a night.

Day Four: Nagoyasu Mare mt. (2049m) - Laptele Mare mt. (2172m) - Galatului mt. (2048m) (11.5 km way, average climb: 320 m, overnight point at 1890 m)

We continue our way along the crest of the main ridge of Rodna mts, admiring the wonderful views of the Carpathian highlands: deep alpine meadows, rock placers, cliffs, mountain lakes and alpine plants – will please us for the whole day. Also along the way we will pass such peaks as: Nagoyasu Mare, Laptele Mare and Galatului. We’ll spend the night near the springs at Mount Kylor.

Day Five: Gargalau mt. (2159m) - Omulyui mt. (2135m) - Ineu mt. (2279m) - Lala Mika Lake (12.5 km way long, average climb: 300 m, overnight point at 1920 m)

We go further along the ridge, passing several minor peaks. It have several smaller ridges, between which lie deep and fascinating valleys. In one of them are two very beautiful glacial lakes – Lala Mika and Lala Mare. The Lala Mare is the largest lake in the Rodney area. Near these lakes we will set up our camp.

Day Six: Ineuz mt. (2222m) - Lau Tau Lake - the valley of the river Putrada (11 km way, climb: 360 m, height loss: 1070 m, overnight: 1205 m)

If we would like – we could go up radially to the top of Mount Inez. Next, we begin a long descent to the valley of the river Putrada. We pass La Tau Lake and homes of local shepherds, where you can buy cheese and milk. Then finally we reach the forest. Previous few days, we saw it only from a bird’s eye view. Today we will spend the night in the forest, where we can enjoy a large fire.

Day Seven: The Bistricionara river - saddle Stiol - Cascade Kailor waterfall (7 km way, climb: 342 m, height loss: 290 m, overnight at: 1250 m)

We turn into the canyon of the Bistricionara River and climb along its riverbed to the saddle called Stiol. Here again we admire the highlands and we go down to the magnificent waterfall – Kailor, about 110 m high. This is the biggest waterfall of the Eastern Carpathians. Near the waterfall there is also a cave called La Havana. We spend the night near a waterfall.

Day Eight: descent to the village of Staciune Borsa (4 km way, loss of altitude: 420 m)

We will start early in the morning, because today we leave the Rodney Alps and Romania. We descend from the waterfall to the village of Staciune Borsa, from where we get to Borsa. Further by bus we will get to Maramarosh-Siget, cross the Romanian-Ukrainian border and go to Ivano-Frankivsk, where our journey ends.



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